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Wisher is a mobile app that helps you to buy gifts as a group from a friend's  wishlist and also to create groups with all the event members.



'This is not the gift I really wanted...  I can not speak honestly...


Have you ever been invited to an event, bought a gift, and turns out that the gift receiver already had the gift? Or maybe you invited members to your event and got the same gift twice, or got a gift you didn't want and it got you into a very uncomfortable situation?


 Well good thing there's Wisher app to help you avoid this awkward situations!

My Role


User Flow


UX/UI Design

Key Features 

  • Create and view wishlists of friends 

  • Set specific birthday groups and payment groups for an event 

  • Save money and buy gifts with other participants 

  • Stay updated on upcoming events

The Design Process

1 - Research

Gather information based on the needs and wants of the topic among people. 

How useful could it be and in what ways 

2 - Survey

Ask the right questions and carry out a survey among desired target audience for affective research points.

3 - Define

The purpose and objective of the project and define the challenges.

4 - Ideate

App mapping, bring ideas into the app via low fidelity wireframes, creating a consistent style guide. 

ideating brand name

5 - Prototype

Converting initial ideas to final design solutions.


The Problem

"This is not the gift I really wanted"....

There are mismatches between the gifts one really want to receive and the gifts you actually received.

Other times people get utter confused in hat to get for the other person. People said that finding a suitable gift is hard. Few people said that sometimes they get deviated from what they were actually looking for and end up confused.

The Solution

An app that lets you choose the type or kind of gifts the receiver would like to get and vice versa.

people often find it difficult to get friends or relatives or anybody a gift. 

Other times when they finally bought the gift there's a high chance that the the receiver wont like the gift.

Although there are apps out there that lets you buy and send gifts there are no options for filtering out the likes and dislikes for whom the user is trying to buy the gift for. 


Ellipse 17.png
Ellipse 18.png

User Flow

Style Guides








Montserrat Bold

Montserrat Semi Bold

Montserrat Regular


Event wireframe.png
friends list wireframe - 1.png
Wireframe Home Page.png
Add a giftwireframe- 1.png
Friends profile wirefram e.png

UI Design 


אונבורדין 1.png
אונבורדיןנג 2.png
אונבורדיןנג 3.png

Home Screen

עמוד בית .png

In the home page you can view your upcoming events and see recommendations for your wishlist

My Events

Add a gift to your wish list or add a gift to for an event and invite other people

האירועים שלי png.png
האירוע של אריקה.png

Add A Gift

Create events and participate in group purchases 

חפש מתנה לאירוע .png
חפש מתנה בשביליpng.png

Create Event

Pick a gift from your friend's wishlist and create an event for him with his gift 

פרופיל של חבר png.png
צניחה חופשית .png

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