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CookEat is a smart app that lets you connect to your induction stoves and let you control them from the phone, the app helps you cook recipes and gives you a live information about the meal you're preparing.

The app also lets you discover new recipes from the community, in the community you can share your recipes and get inspired from other cooks.

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We often don't have ideas for cooking or the abilities to cook a specific dish.

I wanted to create a convenient app that will help you choose and cook a recipe and get ideas and help from a big cooking community 

My Role


User Flow


UX/UI Design

Key Features 

  • Simplify the process of cooking with the help of the app that has a huge database of recipes as well as live instructions.​

  • A personalized app that learns the users needs and customize the experience.

  • A social app where people can share their love for cooking and help other people.

  • Using advanced technology to enhance user experience

The Design Process

1 - Research

Gather information based on the needs and wants of the topic among people. 

How useful could it be and in what ways 

2 - Survey

Ask the right questions and carry out a survey among desired target audience for affective research points.

3 - Define

The purpose and objective of the project and define the challenges.

4 - Ideate

App mapping, bring ideas into the app via low fidelity wireframes, creating a consistent style guide. 

ideating brand name

5 - Prototype

Converting initial ideas to final design solutions.


The Problem

The web is overflowed with an enormous amount of recipes  whether it's a cooking blog, a dieting site or just a related page on a social media site. The information is scattered all over the internet, making it hard to collect and save it uniformly in one place. The level doesn't always fit the abilities or the skills of the users. More so, many times there is no one on the other side to throw an immediate helping tip and then, you know.. the cake goes straight to the trash.


The Solution

An app that guides you through the cooking process and gives you a live data about the process. 

The app will also let you share and gather recipes according to your needs and cooking skills 

Problems To Solve

  • Help people find a source of cooking inspiration

  • To save time money and effort in the cooking process

  • to create a simple recipe database with convenient search

User Persona

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User Journey

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