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AirPort Cafe

POS System

AirPort cafe is an application for a restaurant located at airport around the world. You can choose from a rich menu of food and drinks and you can also create your own salad.

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About The Project

As a student I got an assignment to create an app for a restaurant located at different airport

My Role


User Flow


UX/UI Design

The Problem

Every airport speaks a different language and it is not always easy to communicate.

The challenge is to create a platform for the restaurant, where the user can serve himself without the need for the help of employees. 

The goal is to create a visual and easy to use app.

User Flow 

Style Guides








OpenSans Bold

OpenSans Regular


OpenSans Light


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UI Design 


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Easy registration with an option to log in via your social media account

Home Screen

Here you can view the variety of dishes the restaurant has to offer, you can check the popular dishes and you can view your shopping cart.

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Select Portion Size

On this screen you select your portion size. you can always navigate backwards to the main page by clicking on the Logo.  Your shopping cart accompanies you throughout the use of the app so you can checkout whenever you like.

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Start Creating Your Salad

On this screen you start adding items into your salad bowl. notice that the bar on the right side of the screen is tracking your choices and gives you information about the prices. There's also a progress bar on the bottom of the screen to help you navigate.

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Your Order Is On The Way

Once you've finished the checkout this screen will appear and let you know how long it will take for you food to be ready.

Might as well learn something new in Japanese... Depends on where you at.

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